Message from the head manager:

C.I.E.D .co is ready to cooperate with shareholder & non-shareholder cement companies in order to develop exportation and the reduction of cement export problems.

Extracted information of the export and import statistics of cement companies of each country will be used to study for the threats and opportunities of its market which can be very helpful to the development of Iranian cement export companies.
At present, the company’s focus is on the borders of Shalamcheh and Khorramshahr, from which a quarter of Iran’s clinker is exported. The further step is a direct presence in the port of Imam Khomeini.

With the sum of these three factors, the output of half of Iran’s clinker will be under the control of the owners of the cement industry,, preventing the price breaking and cheap sale of clinker and cement .

Cement Industry Export Development Company is always prepared to provide unconditional assistance to the entire Iranian cement industry for export. 


Mohammad Reza Zakri zadeh

Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Board