Arvand Logistics


In 2004, the terminal of Arvand Cement Export Development Company was registered and constructed in Arvand Free Zone located in Khorramshahr.

Registration number 3807

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Arvand Terminal Rail Development

Arvand Export Development Terminal, located in Shalamcheh, is now fully equipped and can move clinker wagons without the need for a locomotive.

The development of Shalamcheh railway makes the work of exporters easier, which is one of the inherent duties of your own company, Cement Industry Export Development Company.
beginning of the project:
For this purpose, in 2015, a land with an area of 5.5 hectares was allocated and handed over for the construction of the terminal.

In order to provide appropriate services to companies in the field of export of various goods, including cement and clinker, as well as reviewing the justification plans for “creating a railway site – unloading, loading, laying and refrigeration”, significant measures in special economic free zones (including the north , South, East and West) in progress.

Due to the high capacity of these areas, the mentioned plans are being prepared or proposed.

Arvand logistics terminal infrastructure is currently located at Shalamcheh Free Zone site . Having a dock with an area of ​​5.5 hectares in the vicinity of Shalamcheh customs, it is possible to enter and exit and store any volume of goods.