Somar border

Somar border is located near Qasr Shirin city, in Kermanshah province. Compared to the other borders of the province, this export pipeline has the shortest distance - and consequently the lowest freight - to the Iraqi capital Baghdad (approximately 155 km). This has led to half of all goods exported from Kermanshah to Iraq through the Sumar border and the rest through three other borders (Parviz Khan, Khosravi, Sheikh Saleh).
In 2015, Somar border bazaar officially started its activity. This important passageway, through which initially only cement was exported, has today become one of the most prosperous and important borders for the export of Iranian goods to Iraq, as it has been assigned the first rank among the customs of the province.

  The distance between Sumar border and Ilam and Gharb cement factories is 120 and 215 km, respectively.