Pishin Border

Pishin is one of the cities of Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran, which is located 8 km from the border with Pakistan. The "Pishin border", or "Pishin's Soldiers border" has long been of interest to traders due to its proximity to the ports of Gwadar, Juni and Karachi in Pakistan, and goods are traded between settlements around the border between the two countries.
Weakness of infrastructure and infrastructure facilities is one of the main problems that the former border is struggling with, and if these "Pishin" cases are resolved, it can become one of the main export channels in the east of the country.

In addition to construction materials (such as gypsum and cement), the most important items that were exported from the Pishin customs bases in 2018 are :   dairy products (including buttermilk, milk, cream and cheese), citrus fruits, fruits, vegetables, summer vegetables, canned food Fish, sweets, cereals, salt, oil and health products.

Khash Cement Factory, 370 km away, is the closest cement factory to this border.