Khosravi Border

The Khosravi border, like the Parviz Khan border, is located in Kermanshah province and in the city of Qasr Shirin, with the difference that Parviz Khan's main contact is with the Iraqi Kurdish region, while the Khosravi border mostly overlooks and interacts with the Arab region of Iraq. 

The interesting thing about the Khosravi border is that it is located along Road 48; This is a very old road that used to be an important part of the Silk Road. This road has been very important in the past due to the connection of important regional empires and also due to its location on the China-Europe-Middle East trade route. In the Safavid era, and after the officialization of the Shiie religion in Iran, and then until the Qajar period, this road became religiously important in addition to its former importance, because many people used to travel to this road to Karbala and Najaf.

The closest factories to Khosravi border are: Ilam Cement (155 km), Saman Gharb (180 km) and Gharb Cement (223 km), respectively.