Inche boron Border

Incheh Borun Bazaar is located in the border town of Incheh Borun in Gonbad Kavous city, Golestan province. The market was unofficially activated following the opening of the Gedralum Bridge border and passenger traffic from there to Turkmenistan. According to the trade cooperation agreement between the two countries . many items were imported or exported from Turkmenistan. Incheh Borun Border Market is the most important factor in traffic and tourist attraction to the small town of Incheh Borun. This bazaar has the largest number of Nowruz visitors.

The 88-kilometer Gorgan-Inchehbrun railway connects Iran to Russia and China.

 Payvand Golestan Cement Factories (99 km away), Shahroud (195 km distance), and Kiasar (286 km away) are the closest cement factories to Incheh Borun border, respectively.