Fereydunkenar port

The port of Fereydunkenar was approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly as a port in 1990

Its development operation, with the implementation of amendments to the original plan, began in 1995 and at the end of 2000 , the construction of the pier, breakwaters and its pond was completed.
In January 2006, after the visit of the President of Mazandaran province, the identification of Fereydunkenar port as an approved maritime border was approved. It was privatized and finally, after going through the legal process, this multi-purpose port officially started its activities on February 11, 2008.


The port of Fereydunkenar, due to the increasing expansion of trade with the Caspian littoral countries, with about 69 hectares of land and with very good talents and unique natural-tourist attractions in 100 km of the General Administration of Ports and Shipping of Mazandaran Province ( Nowshahr port) is located.
This port is connected to the center of the country through Haraz and Firoozkooh roads. Although the port of Fereydunkenar is a port with multi-purpose activities, its main work priorities are: unloading and loading grain and public goods (General Cargo)
Mazandaran Cement Factories (97 km), Kiasar Cement (139 km), Firoozkooh Cement (146 km) and Faraz Firoozkooh Cement (151 km) are the closest factories to Fereydunkenar port, respectively.