Bushehr Special Economic Zone

Bushehr Special Economic Zone, within the framework of the decree dated 10/24/1376, in the port area of ​​the General Administration of Ports and Shipping of Bushehr Province, and in an area of ​​approximately 128 hectares has been established. About 40% of Iran's total cement and clinker exports come through the Bushehr Special Economic Zone, so this region can be considered the largest export platform in the country.

The potential advantages and facilities of this port include the following:

Long water borders with equipped port facilities

Large maritime industries and the possibility of their development

Having an international airport

Relations with the countries of the southern Persian Gulf
It is worth mentioning that this region has 64761 square meters of land, 31733 square meters of warehouse, 5 public wharf posts with a capacity of 15,000 tons and also 2 dolphin wharf posts with an annual capacity of 20,000 tons of oil goods.