Assaluyeh port

Pars Energy Special Economic Zone (Assaluyeh) is located in the southeast of Bushehr province, on the Persian Gulf, 300 km southeast of Bushehr port, in the geographical area of ​​Kangan city, and about 105 km from the South Pars gas field, which is in the middle of the Persian Gulf. 
in 1998 , This economic zone was established according to the decision of the Supreme Council of Free Trade-Industrial Zones to exploit oil and gas resources in the South Pars Basin and conduct economic activities in the field of oil and gas and petrochemical establishment in the coastal strip of Assaluyeh and Nayband Bay with an area of ​​30,000 hectares
The area of ​​Pars Energy Special Economic Zone has been determined according to the decision of the Cabinet and the High Council of Free Trade-Industrial Zones: from the west to Shirino village, from the south to the Persian Gulf, from the north to the continuation of the Zagros Mountains and from the east to Chah Mobarak village .

This area is 10,000 hectares according to the decision of the Cabinet, which is divided according to the standards.